October 4, 2023

The hall bathroom is up and running! And I am obsessed. Let’s get right into it because minimum word count is dumb, and y’all are here for the pictures anyway.

To refresh your memory, here is what the bathroom looked like before. If you want to look at more in-detail photos of this ode to grey on beige, go here. I’ve had three cups of coffee this morning, and I am ready for the reveal.

(Kicking In The Bathroom Door) Boom Baby!

And here you go. This is the bathroom now. Totally painted up, given the love and respect it deserves. We should have done this years ago. Want to see how we did it? Just keep scrolling.

There Was No Plan, We Just Did It

Y’all, I really should not had that third cup of coffee. Two is just fine. Anyway, back to the bathroom reveal. We honestly did not have a plan with this bathroom. I talked about doing mood boards but it really just came down to finding a paint color and rolling with it.

The paint color we chose? Retreat by Sherwin Williams. It’s one of those cool chameleon colors that can look green, blue, or grey depending on lighting. What made us choose it was how well it went with the shower tile, and that was the end of that.

Look at that color payoff! GORGEOUS! Before the shower was the crown jewel of this space, but it got washed out in the grey. Now the shower is popping! Also, I did take glass cleaner to the shower before taking pictures but it’s still smudged. If anyone has tips or tricks on how to get the glass squared away, leave your tips in the comments section at the end. I need to know!

Bathroom Cabinet Transformation

Initially, I was not going to paint the bathroom cabinet. But after the room color changed, painting it Peppercorn from Sherwin Williams looked like the next natural step. This is what I will say about this decision: painting cabinets is like playing with the idea of shaving your head. You see everyone else doing it and it looks cool, but you don’t think you can pull it off. So you decide to never try it. Let me reach through this computer, cup your face in my hands and say, “Do it.” Do I mean shave your head or paint your cabinets? Yes.

This does come with a small caveat, though. As someone who has walked through homes that have badly painted cabinets, please please PLEASE follow a tutorial. This cabinet project took about 3 days from start to finish. It took proper sanding, proper priming, sanding again and a cabinet ENAMEL. Valspar Cabinet and Furniture Enamel to be exact. And MORE SANDING!!! This is not something that you can slap together in a few hours and call it good. So please, once again, follow a tutorial. There are plenty out there.

The Art of Blog Writing

You can’t see what I’m seeing but the little blog assistant I am working with is telling me the readability is meh. I needed more subheadings apparently, and there’s not enough. Fine.

We Made Our Bathroom Art

SEO is now telling me I’m not using the word bathroom enough. Bathroom. There, it’s back in the green. On to the artwork. Tim and I went all over the place and couldn’t find decor that really fit. It was mass-produced, soulless, and boring. So what did we do? We made our own.

Tim made most of it. I have my hobbies, and he has his. And his is 3D printing. He wants to note that he has the Biqu-B1, and lucked out when one of our friends was just willing to part with his AnyCubic (this will be edited in the future but can’t read Tim’s handwriting at the moment). It’s got a huge glass bed. Tim can talk more about it in the future, but I’m not going to try. I’m impressed I even know what a printing bed is. Legit, Tim beasted these prints, and I’m super proud of him.

Check out this Baby Groot planter! Him is sweet. He was hanging out on our fireplace mantle, but I snagged him and stuffed a couple faux succulents in. Little dude fits like a dream in the space and from the look on his face, he knows what you did. I will not apologize for my grimy-looking candle. It smells amazing. Check out Baby Groot’s birth below:

The filament is Enotepad PLA 3D printer Filament 1KG. Tim gives it two thumb’s up.

Tim also printed off this rosy crescent moon. It’s impressive in and of itself, but if y’all knew the time that went into leveling the printer bed to get it to this; let’s just say there was a lot of cussing on Tim’s part. It looks great over the towel rack. The filament used for that is here. Tim gives it two thumbs up, too.

Let Me Take a Shelfy

Look, you get bad puns every now and then with this blog. You know what you signed up for. I bought the shelves from Amazon, painted them the same color as the bathroom cabinet, and install was easy peasy.

Tim printed off the cat planter and the geometric planter, and I added a faux air plant and some faux creeping greenery from the craft store. This has admittedly awakened something in me, and I might be adding more plants in the future. Maybe even some live ones? We’ll see. Every “live” plant that has crossed our threshold has died quickly in my care. Plant moms, send help!

My sole contribution to the artwork in the bathroom is my chalkboard, which currently says “hello sweet cheeks” but can be changed up at any point in time.


If you listen to podcasts, you’ve probably heard of the Tushy bidet attachment. I will not name names but a few of my friends have bidets in their toilets and all they did was rave about them. One morning, I was listening to Timesuck with Dan Cummins, and the promo came on. I typed in the code, and actually wound up buying two because, hey, the deal seemed too good to pass up.


I wound up getting just the basic model, and it works great. My one regret is not trying the spa model which warms up the water before spraying it, because the cold water blast is quite bracing. But I am still happy with it. Toilet paper usage has gone down significantly in this house, and I am here for it.


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